fjolmenning multiculture2 multikultural


At Árskóli, students have diverse backgrounds and connections that stretch to four continents and well over twenty countries. This diversity is reflected in the school work and can be, among other things, seen in national flags of various countries displayed in both public spaces and in students' classrooms. Work has begun to establish book options in several languages ​​in the Árskóli library, in addition to which cooperation with the Mother Language Library will be greatly increased.

At Árskóli, there is a teacher who oversees the teaching of students whose second/third language is Icelandic. He works in collaboration with the supervising teacher of each class and the department head of support services. A multicultural team has been established in the school, whose guiding principle is to strengthen the multicultural community of Árskóli.

Skagafjörður's Reading Policy specifically discusses the importance of bilingualism and multilingualism. There are the following goals as a guide:

  • To support students' skills in their native languages

  • That students acquire skills in Icelandic

  • That guardians of bilingual and multilingual students are enabled to actively participate and monitor their children's teaching and learning

  • That respect is shown for the students' mother tongue in a visible way in the school

The teacher of students with Icelandic as a second language is Inga Lára Sigurðardóttir